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The difference between Gail and most speakers is that the average speaker may have either professional experience, past media-worthy leadership experience, or personal experience in his/her areas of expertise.  Coming with all three and having spoken at diverse groups, trainings, conferences, corporate functions and members of the media over the years, Gail can engage a wide variety of audiences from multiple perspectives.Sample Past Speaking Engagements have included:



Schools and Universities

  • Howard University- Washington, D.C.
  • Dozens of High Schools- thousands of students in total- groups from 30-3,000
  • Job Corps students from 6 campuses (each campus has several hundred students)


In the world of design + health, Gail brings an unusual mix of presentation, ongoing teaching throughout the conference, and promotion for learning across multiple social media platform before and during the conference.  A look at the recent Universal Design Summit gives an example of how she can integrate live online engagement with teaching points for attendees with C-level presentations.

Here are the events during the Universal Design Summit at which Gail Spoke- creating the speaking- teaching- and social campaign:

The Walking Lab

Join Gail Zahtz throughout the Summit during tours and presentations for a working, walking lab on marketing and presenting Universal Design.  Bring your camera, phone, laptop and/or tablet and you can learn how to select images that sell and share them with the world in real time!  You will also learn how to have engaging online conversations and coverage live on Twitter, G+, Facebook, Pinterest and more.  Enjoy all of the Summit while learning and putting into action how to more effectively engage in social media for relationships and branding that will lead to sales. This working lab will Include when Gail sets up for live video and chat coverage of certain presentations.   By learning, working and listening to the Summit, you’ll gain important insights on how to present yourself as an expert in your field, not an advertisement that will be ignored.  Find her during the Summit and join the group.

Author’s Table and Free Marketing Clinic
In preparation for Gail Zahtz’s upcoming first book in a series, come by her author’s table during the cocktail hours.  Here you can offer photos, case studies and expert side bars to be included in the book.  You can also take advantage of Summit-only pre-order and early purchase discounts.  During the 2 hours, watch an ongoing series of slide presentations of opportunities to market your products and services.  Learn about opportunities to create you own or join another Community of Practice at the soon-to-be-released Carpool Health.  On a first come, as available basis, you can also receive free consulting answers to big sales, branding, and marketing challenges and opportunities. Gail will have a computer on to show live social media interaction and examples while talking.  A lot will be going on at the table, so join the author for great offers, free consulting and lively engagement.


Roundtable Discussion:  Tackling Your Big Marketing, Branding and Sales Barriers

Give Gail Zahtz ahead of time, or bring with you, those big barriers you face to reaching your market.  Through social media, ambassadorship, health partnerships, speaking, websites, branding yourself for your expertise, and more, there are endless ways you can overcome every challenge to turn slow business to a constant demand for your products and services.  Universal Design has unique challenges in reaching the market.  This session is focused specifically on marketing for those audiences.  Handouts and worksheets will be included.  Contact her early for a better chance of getting your personal challenges on the table for everyone to discuss. And come early for this early morning roundtable discussion as it’s sure to be a full one!


Marketing Universal Design for Greatest Results:  Formal Presentation
Gail Zahtz | Life Guide Institute, St. Louis Park, MN
Based on a new book to be launched at UDS5, learn how to take advantage of today’s online world by
presenting UD features consumers want.
Attendees will be able to:
(1) Discuss key elements of what prevents consumers from investing in universal design for their homes-
the psychology of not wanting “institutional” homes, not seeing the benefits to all of the people in their lives
currently, making only minimally and urgent modifications. To counter this, discuss how to present universal
design in a way that consumers want a remodel, new home, or public project that is not just accessible or
compliant, but truly designed for everyone of all ages and abilities to use and enjoy. (2) Describe three specific
features consumers already want, not only what they are told they need; how to combine green, accessible
and affordable projects for true universal design. (3) Name three how-to strategies and formulas to create an
integrated online presence that is a destination resource for consumers and their advisors, positioning their
organization as experts in the field of universal design, and getting high impact for their website.

In addition, Gail created a basic social package as a presenter at the conference.  She registered the hashtag #UDS5 to create a never before online conversation for the conference.  She invited leaders from the conference to speak ahead at #CPHC- The Carpool Health Community Chat that she founded in January.  Prior to this, the leaders, the associations and the event had had no social media exposure of any kind from the Summit.


The event reached 1,715,485 Impressions

915 Tweets from

106 unique brand ambassadors 

and the greatest reach was to its largest sponsor:  AARP.  So the largest brand expansion of AARP sponsoring the Universal Design Summit came from the social media campaign I did only as part of being a presenter at the event.

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